Wall climbing structure


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This product is a wall-mounted hanging cat bridge (without fixed support), which is made of wood. It uses pine material, sturdy and durable.  Wall-mounted design saves more space and effectively uses wall space to create a place for cats to play. You can hang this suspension bridge not far from the cat’s room and not above the ground.
The canvas is supported by high quality hemp rope, which is sturdy and durable to protect cat’s safety. Hemp rope can not only play a protective role, but also allow cats to grab it, reducing the possibility of damage to furniture.
Strong bearing capacity, can withstand more than 6 times the impact of cats. It is highly recommended for small to medium sized cats.
The cat can rest, train the paws and look outside. Easy to install and use.
Function: Provide a place for cats to rest, scratch and wait. Applicable space: indoor; Packing list: suspension bridge and fixed support.


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