Robbinsdale metal cage


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The Tucker Murphy Pet Small Animal Crate with Stand is the perfect place for small animals like rabbits, rats and guinea pigs. It features a metal stand with wheels for easy transport from room to room, which also provides increased viewing height for your pet.  A 5.5″ deep bedding base allows for easy cleaning and the habitat includes a ramp, platform and feeder to complete the set. Keep your pets safe, keep them safe, and keep them active and occupied for a long life worthy of great pet products from Tucker Murphy Pet.
Multiple doors and a large open tray allow easy access to the interior of the small animal enclosure.
Features a 5.5″ deep base to hold litter, making cleanup easy
Ramp, platform and feeder are included
Sturdy, non-toxic, powder-coated tubular steel stand.
1″ bar spacing provides excellent ventilation
Rolling stand attached, easy to transport and lock in place.


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